Can't Install Gsnap[SOLVED]

Hello everyone. I’m new here but very impressed with Audacity. However, I’m having plugin problems.

Can’t get Gsnap or any of the VST plugins to work. I think the problem is the program is not recognizing the dll. When I extract the the zip and try to copy it I get a message that only administrator can copy the file. I AM the administrator. I have not set up any passwords on my system, so I’m not sure why I’m getting this message. I’m running Windows 7 and the 2.0.1 version of Audacity downloaded from the official site. It downloaded as an exe file. I have sucessfully installed Audacity and it seems to be working fine otherwise. I’ve checked all boxes in Preferences effects, includding the re=scan box and re opened Audacity but still can not find gsnap or any VST stuff in my effects folder.

Please help

Unless you have a reason to stay with 2.0.1, please upgrade to the latest 2.0.5 here: . You can install into the same directory you installed 2.0.1 into.


The new plug-ins will appear underneath the divider in the Effect Menu but only if you have extracted the DLL files and put them in the Audacity Plug-Ins folder or other supported system locations .

If you use 2.0.5 as recommended above and rescan, then on restart Audacity will show you a dialogue in which you can see the effects it has detected and choose to load those detected plug-ins or not. Please see: .

If there are permissions problems on your computer and you cannot modify Program Files when you are logged in as administrator, you can take ownership of the necessary folders.


Gale. Thanks for the quick reply. Okay. Looks like I did have the 2.0.5 because now I have it in my downloads folder 3 times. I reinstalled it anyway to be sure. I also installed the take ownership hack. I hope I don’t get registry problems from this. Probably not. I don’t get the administrator’s warning now, just the continue prompt. Should I uninstall the ownership thing, or just leave it. I’ve had the administrator’s prompt before when installing other programs. If it doesn’t hurt to leave it installed I’d prefer to do that.

However, problem still remains. I still can’t find any of the VST stuff in my effects folder, like gsnap or gchorus. The plugins appear in my Audacity plugins folder but not in the effects folder in Aduacity. I’m not sure what you mean buy “below the divider.” Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place and now have the VST stuff a gazillion times somewhere I’m not looking I have rescanned and the all boxes are checked, and it looks like they are installing, or unzipping, or whatever, but I still don’t see them in effects

It’s not really a hack - it’s giving you a right-click menu item to make settings that can be legitimately made if your permissions get broken. If you cannot as administrator install into Program Files after any User Account Control prompts that appear, then your permissions are broken.

Without that menu item it is a lot more work going through interfaces to reinstate your permissions.

I have that registry setting installed, if it helps you to know that.

If you download a DLL plug-in in a zip file you must extract the DLL file properly. You can do that by right-click over the zip file > Extract All… .

Having extracted the DLL’s into a folder you can copy them to the Audacity “Plug-Ins” folder.

If you rescan and restart Audacity then Audacity will try to load the plug-ins that you see checked in the “Install VST Effects” dialogue.

Providing the VST’s are effects (not VST instruments) and not 64-bit plug-ins (any 64-bit plug-ins should be separately named or foldered as such) then the VST effects should appear in Audacity. They will appear in the bottom part of the menu, after Wahwah… .

Some of the VST’s will be listed as VST:.

Other VST’s won’t say “VST:”. They will say the name of the plug-in vendor then the name of the plug-in. In GSnap’s case it will appear as GVST: GSnap… .


Thanks, Gale:

Still there is nothing in my effects tab called VST or gsnap or gchorus. I have quite a bit of effects below the wahwah, but none of the VST stuff. I think it may be the 64 bit issue. I’ve been downloading all 64 bit stuff The GSnapWin 64 and the AIIGVSTWin64. I have two GSnapWin64 files in my downloads folder, one is zipped, the other is not. Do I need to reinstall these downloads

As it says here: - Audacity won’t see 64-bit VST plug-ins.

So you will need to download the 32-bit version of GSnap: .



I just read the thread Sam Houston wrote, and maybe I’m having a similar problem. I installed the 32 bit versions of gsnap, gchours and gband all in 32 bit. They are zipped files in my downloads folder. I followed all the steps, and the new 32 bit files are there in my Audacity plugins folder. Or at least I think they are. It’s getting pretty crowded in there and I can’t tell what is what. I’m still getting the administrator prompt when I try to copy into the plugin folder, but the take ownership IS showing up in my right click sub menu, so I assume that is working. I just click on Continue and extract all.

I think I’m running 64 bit Aducity, because I’m using a 64 bit Windows 7 OS. Do I need to reinstall a 32 bit version of Audacity as well. Maybe uninstall Audacity and reinstall a 32 bit version, if there is one. Then start over with an empty plugins folder. Or should I just go through all the plugins and remove everything or at least all the 64 bit stuff.

Sorry for my noobness, but I really need this VST stuff, at least the gsnap effect
Please advise

Do you mean this ? He had his plug-ins detected but they appeared with a text interface instead of a rich interface. That is different to your problem.

Try sorting the folder by name if you “can’t tell what is what”. To do that, click on the column that says “Name”.

If you leave User Account Control on then you WILL receive prompts. But if you confirm in the prompt that you want to make changes, then as long as your permissions are not broken you WILL be allowed to modify Program Files.

If at your own risk you wish to turn User Account Control off so that you are not prompted for changes to your computer, see this video .

If you are not an experienced computer user I strongly suggest you leave User Account Control on and review each change when it is prompted.

You are not running 64-bit Audacity because there is no 64-bit version of Audacity for Windows. For that reason you need to install the 32-bit versions of VST plug-ins.

Assuming you downloaded Audacity from us ( ) then you already have a 32-bit version of Audacity.

As I explained, the plug-in you are interested in will be listed in the Effect menu as GVST: GSnap… .

If you look in the telephone book you can find computer experts who will come to your house and help you with your computer issues. This may be the best solution for you.


Okay. I got it. Gsnap is in my effects now. Doesn’t seem to correct pitch or auto tune flat or sharp notes, but I’m sure this is just user error. I’ll check tutorials on youtube.

Thanks for you time

Good :slight_smile: Note that Audacity does not have MIDI input support so you cannot use the MIDI features of GSnap.

I’ll lock this topic now.

Please start a new topic if you need more help with Audacity.