Can't Install Audacity 2.12 on Mac OSX 10.6

I’m running 2.05. Just downloaded 2.12 but it won’t allow me to drag to my Applications folder.

Is it because I’m running a previous version or is 2.12 not compatible with OSX 10.6?


Those are all fake versions unless you are making typos. Audacity always has a three-digit version number with two dots separating the numbers.

I suggest you trash all your older versions then get 2.1.2 from us:

See this topic for how to install Audacity correctly:


They were Typos. I meant 2.1.2.

I downloaded it from your site. I trashed the previous install. But it won’t let me drag the program to my Applications folder. Usually that happens if I don’t have the proper system specs but according to this site, it should run on OSX 10.6.

Any suggestions?


Are you following the link I gave before for how to install Audacity ?

If the Mac asks you to give a password when you drag the Audacity folder to /Applications, then you have to give an administrator password. If you don’t know the password, contact your administrator, or drag the Audacity folder somewhere you don’t need permission, such as your home folder.

If you need more help, please give us the exact text of the error messages Mac gives you.


Thank you. Copy and pasting the Audacity folder into the Applications folder manually did the trick. Not sure why the ‘drag and drop’ method wouldn’t work but it’s all good. Thanks for the tips.

Although I managed to install it, it won’t work. I can’t open audio or import audio. I can’t drag audio into the project window either. Obviously, there’s some issue or conflict with this version and my Operating System.

Oh, well, I can revert to an earlier version. Thanks.

In 2.1.2 you can drag most file types to the Audacity icon in the Dock. Or use File > Open… or File > Import > Audio… . Not being able to drag audio files into Audacity is a bug in 2.1.2 and it will be fixed in the next 2.1.3 release of Audacity when that comes out.

You could use 2.1.1 (screen reader) available here That version can drag in audio files.

Note that to import some file types such as AC3 you must add the FFmpeg library to your computer. Please see