Can't import .wav files despite having FFmpeg and resetting preferences

I’m running Audacity 2.3.1 on macOS 10.14.4. I record my audio using Call Recorder for Skype. It produces .wav files. I recently upgraded Audacity to the 64-bit version. Now I when I try to import my .wav files, I get the error: “This version of Audacity was not compiled with QuickTime files support.” I installed the 64-bit version of the FFmpeg library. I was still getting the same error so I went to manually located the FFmpeg library for Audacity, but it had already automatically detected them. I tried resetting my Audacity preferences, by deleting the audacity.cfg file, but even after I showed hidden files, it was not in Library/Application Support/audacity.

What am I missing? Thanks very much.

Audacity doesn’t require FFmpeg for WAV files. If Audacity is asking for FFmpeg, that means that either the audio file is not WAV format, or the file is damaged / corrupt.
What does this page say about your audio files?

Call Recorder for Skype. It produces .wav files.

I super-duper doubt that. Nobody makes wave files unless forced into it at gunpoint. The rest of your post proved my point. Audacity supports wave files and has forever. If it starts looking for QuickTime support and other odd options, then what you have is one of the compressed formats, or something is broken.

Right-click or Control-Click on the sound file > Get INFO.


That’s my mistake. I thought they were .wav files, but they are actually .mov files.

You want to look in ~/Library/Application Support/audacity. Note the “~” character at the start.
– Bill