cant import wav-file

A long time ago I used Audacity. Now I downloaded the program for a project. I use Windows 10. I can start the program without any problem. But I have difficulties importing. I try to import a WAV-file. I had the file downloaded on my computer (its a recording from an ordinary recorder) When I try “import - audio” I receive an error-message “Audacity tried to use FFmpeg to import an audio-file but the library is nowhere to be found. To be able to import FFmpeg go to Settings>Library to download and localise FFmpeg library”. When I try to import “Raw data” the audio-file is imported, but the sound is horrible - only one flat string of constant noise.
I read in tutorial - I do nothing strange. Audacity is supposed to accept WAV. But doesnt. What to do?

WAV is a “container format”. WAV is usually large file size “uncompressed” audio, but WAV files produced by recorders often contain small file size “compressed” audio, so that more audio can be fitted on the recorder.

The standard WAV importer built into Audacity can (oversimplifying it) only import WAV containing uncompressed audio. It’s the same for import Raw Data too. So I suggest you do as the error message says and install FFmpeg. Here are instructions to install FFmpeg: