can't hear playback

I have managed (at age 82) to do everything up to saving as an MP3 file in a project but can’t check the sound to hear if the file actually recorded. How do I do a partial record, then stop & play it back thru the computer to know it’s a good file to save? I will then save the MP3 file to my desktop rather than to iTunes so I can use it in another program. I am running the latest Audacity on my iMac 10.10.2

We would urge actual numbers when you write. I can’t tell you the number of people with “enough” hard drive space on a tiny hard drive and the “very latest” five-year old software. The current Audacity is 2.1.0. Audacity 2.10 is a bogus version, so the numbers have to match.

Is there a specific reason you will be using MP3? Like a program you’re using demands it? MP3 is an end-product not used for further production. It’s good for your iPod during the jog around the lake or posting on-line. If you’re going to use the work for further production, use WAV (Microsoft). The archive of your final work should be in WAV as well. WAV is a perfect, uncompressed format missing processing damage that MP3 has.

I did miss a little piece of this.

How do I do a partial record

You don’t really want to record half-way through the show, listen to it and then start up again, do you? That’s a little rough to get perfect in Audacity anyway.

So you got to the end of the show and everything is perfect except you can’t play the timeline and hear it (stop me anywhere in here)? Glance at the Audacity Device Toolbar and make sure it’s pointed to somewhere you can listen to like Built-In Output (attached).

When you make a recording, the sound meters should be in the right-hand third of their range and the timeline should have blue waves that poke up to about 0.5. The only illustration I have is from an older Audacity, but the ideas are the same.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 13.03.19.png

so, I STILL can’t hear anything when I try to play back my recording either via earphone or computer. I have tried saving as wav and as mp3…same response.

I have the latest version of Audacity and am running an iMac 10.10.2 with 2 gb of memory. I hav gone over & over the audacity and mac settings and am stuck…PLEASE HELP!

Does your machine Chong when you turn it on and does it go Poit Poit Poit when you raise and lower the volume with the keyboard keys? Koz

I seem to be having all the problems Woodpecker has! I have posted before that I cannot hear playback. now re-checking everything I find in the device toolbar there’s nothing to set…just on or off. so the Audio codec thing never shows. I CAN hear the tape thru the earphones , I can see the sound waves as it records, but the finished product doesn’t play in iTunes, my desktop or my iMac. I have restarted everything following all instructions and just keep winding up with a recording made but unplayable! Someone please help!

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Try opening System Preferences > Sound.

Click on the “Output” tab.

Click on the row for the sound device you want to use to listen to playback. This should select that device so that iTunes and other apps use that sound device. Make sure the volume of the device is turned up and not muted. Restart iTunes.