Can't get LoudnessNormalization working

I’m trying to automate parts of my Audacity workflow in Python. I’m using the example code as the basis for my code. I’m on Windows 11 using Audacity 3.4.1

I am trying to run Loudness Normalization on a track using the following command:

rmslevel = -20
normalizeto = 0
do_command(f’LoudnessNormalization: RMSLevel={rmslevel} NormalizeTo={normalizeto}')

I get the “BatchCommand finished: OK” response from do_command but the track doesn’t change in Audacity.

This is what I’m trying to automate for the current selection:

I would appreciate some help. Thanks.

So I don’t do much with Python (or with Loudness Normalization), but I tried this Macro command:

LoudnessNormalization:NormalizeTo=“0” RMSLevel=“-20”

and it altered my audio. Perhaps you will find a clue in there…

Thanks, I’ll try that once I can get the named pipes to Audacity to work reliably for me (Different Errors running pipe test - #12 by JohnMayo).

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