Can't get granted permission to access the ALSA audio system


I’m trying to use Audacity on Ubuntu. When opening Audacity, pop up window is successing to grant permission to access the ALSA audio system. I choose: Permission has been granted, but the pop up is coming over and over again in an eternal loop. I’ve earlier chosen: Start and don’t ask again. It opens the Audacity but refuses to record anything. It’s compplaining about the sample rate, allthough the rate is just right 44100 Mhz and to change ALSA to Pulse audio is not optional. What should I do?

Which version of Audacity?
Which version of Ubuntu?

What exactly does it say?

Audacity version is 3.0.5
Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

This is the text in pop up -window:

Audacity may have better audio device support if granted permission to access the ALSA audio system.

If you experience audio problems, you may wish to grant this access by using the Software Centre or the Snap Store to add the ‘alsa’ permission to Audacity. It is safe to continue without doing so.

You can also grant this permission by running the following command in a Terminal window:

sudo snap connect audacity:alsa

If you choose to continue and later wish to change your mind, you can remove the file /home/[user]/snap/audacity/common/Always use PulseAudio.

(the options after the text):

/Permission has been granted/ /Start and ask next time/ /Start and don’t ask again/ /Cancel/

Thanks for the additional details.

That message is specific to the Snap version of Audacity. We don’t make that version, so unfortunately I don’t know the correct way to deal with it.

I think the easiest solution would be to remove that version completely, then install Audacity 2.3.3 from the Ubuntu repository.
To install the 2.3.3 version, ensure that the Software Center is closed, then:

  1. Open a Terminal window
sudo apt install audacity
  1. Enter your password when prompted.

Thanks for help,

But now suddenly now it DO work, I chose Start and don’t ask again -option.

Don’t ask me why (maybe because I installed whole system again with different size of disk partitions, maybe my root partition was too small, I don’t know)