Cant get both channels to record

I’ve tried just about all I can think of. Recording vinyl direct from turntable (or through amp). Can not get stereo recording

Have set device preferences to record two channels but to no avail. I have tried two different turntables and two different amps in all combinations but can only record one signal (same signal records on both channels when set for two).

Any help appreciated. I’m baffled as I have done this successfully before with other equipment - different stereo and different computer.

Running latest Audacity as far as | know. Don’t know if i installed from .exe or zip but i think it was .exe. Running Windows 7 professional.

Thanks. RKetch

I think you went straight over the cause of the problem. How exactly did you connect the amp to the computer and what kind of computer is it?


I connected the record out into the mic input with an RCA adapter cable. Its a Toshiba Satelite laptop. If I unplug the cable from one channel on the amp I continue to record both channels on Audacity.


Mic-In on most computers is mono. The connection is such that you usually get Left and ignore Right. If you try really hard, you can get two Lefts at once. Your computer likely has no Stereo audio connection. We usually recommend a simple stereo audio USB adapter like the UCA-202.