Can't get audio when playing back a file

Odd problem. I can hear myself on the speaker when recording (I have it setup to do this), the speaker out bar shows normal output during playback, all looks normal except I can’t playback a prerecorded file and hear it on the speaker.

It’s just like there is a “mute” button somewhere that I can’t see (but I can hear myself on the speakers when recording).

Any suggestions?


Make sure you’ve selected the correct Playback Device

You havent said what you have, what you are doing or what your PC is doing , or Windows is doing or what Audacity is doing…?
You will hear yourself on the PC speaker if windows is using your mic for input and “sound properties Listen is ticked” and windows is using your speakers for output… Audacity does not even need to be installed.
If you hear yourself when recording on Audacity (I assume), you should see the blue lines across the screen and you will only hear it if either windows is set to “Listen” or Audacity is set to “Enable Audible monitor the input being recorded” and your speakers are selected in Audacity for playback output.
After recording yourself you should be able to playback using Audacity the new recorded track (without being saved or anything) if your speakers are set in Audacity for playback output… this is same as prerecorded track playback…

So which bits are not working…?

Have already checked that. I have Audacity installed on another Windows 10 machine and it works fine and all the settings between the two machines are the same.

I have Audacity on another Windows 10 PC and it works fine. The settings on both machines are the same. The symptoms are the same using the PCs sound card or a Scarlett Solo: I can hear myself recording, the audio output “meter” follows the waveform but no output when playing back the recording.

If as you say you are recording and you have a blue waveform trace in track across the screen of good amplitude… Can you save this recording or export it to a wav file or mp3 and does the file open and play back in Audacity or any other windows media player you have…basically is there any audio content in it.
You must have audible monitoring on or windows listen or loopback on to hear what you are recording.
If ther is audio content in the file and you do not hear it on playback ( not recording) there is something wrong with the setup of your Playback device selected in Audacity, or Host in Audacity, Try the options Windows Direct probably the best.
You need to post your setting…dont just say they are correct…that is not telling us anything.

What are your devices as seen in Audacity setup… ??
What are you listening to when you hear yourself recording…??
Also sometimes settings can get “upset” so even you have Reset Configuration before, you should do it again and see if it resets anything…?