Can't get audacity to work on brand new iMac

Just updated from an old mac book latop and spent the dough for a new iMac to do voice work.
So its obvious the latest osx system Mt.Lion…so I went to download AUDACITY ( I believe the latest version)
and when I try to record,it just shows a bunch of lines every few seconds on the graph,and I’m not hearing any vocal as i
speak into the mic.

Any ideas whats wrong?

Thanks in advance

Expand on “the mic.” What where and how? Model numbers.
You can Control-Click on the red recording meters and select Start Monitoring. The meters will wake up and meter your efforts without Audacity going into actual record.

Also recommended is make the meters bigger. Click on the right-hand edge and pull sideways.

Further will depend on the answer to the first question.


Hi folks

I need to know what settings on audacity to start off recording in MoNO,right from the start.
I do voice overs and need a mono track very time.

Thanks much


The settings change depending on what you’re using for a microphone. Are you using the built-in one in the iMac?


You set mono recording in Device Toolbar .

Have you tried reading this ?

Do you see bouncing meters for your mic in the Apple System Preferences for sound?