Can't get ACX plugin to work on my mac

Just downloaded Audacity a couple days back to do audio books. Downloaded the ACX-Check.ny plugin…won’t open…I put it in the folder as specified (HD-Library-Audio-Plug Ins-Components) but still not showing up in Audacity. What am I doing wrong? I am running the latest version of Mac OS



For these Nyquist plugins, be sure to follow the installation instructions here: Nyquist Plugin Installer - Audacity Manual

Note that after installation, you may still have to enable them with the Plugin Manager (Effect/Analyze > Plugin Manager).

Tools > Nyquist Plugin Installer. etc.

Did you install the Audacity Audiobook-Mastering-Macro?

We took the most popular effects for preparing a chapter for ACX submission and bundled them all into one tool. Insanely handy.

If everything goes well, you can read a chapter, export a safety WAV backup, edit the chapter, apply the Macro, Export an Edit Master WAV, Export to MP3 for submission, and go for the next chapter.

Last I checked, ACX will not let you submit chapter at a time. They used to do that. Now they need the finished book.

You can submit a sound test here on the forum and we can do some of the analysis they used to.

Can I buy your book right now on Amazon? Does it have Plot, Characters, and Setting?


Thank you so much for the speedy help. I am in the game with the extension running. Much appreciated.


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