Can't fix -13000 ms latency


I’m not real experienced with Audacity or this forum, so please excuse me if I’m posting this in the wrong place. And, I don’t know how to fill in the blocks for category and optional tags.

I have however viewed a lot of video tutorials and tried to find what I needed in the manual.

Came across a crazy one here. I’m using 3.4.2, on a new computer I purchased recently: Ryzen 9, 32 GB RAM, recording thru a Soundblaster K3+. Never used Audacity on this computer before; moved SB K3+ over from Win 10 16 GB RAM, Intel 7.

I tried dubbing with the default (-130 ms) and heard nothing on the dub track for 13 seconds, then the recording on the dubbed track started but was 13 seconds late from being in sync.

So, using 44100 Hz, 24-bit, mono I went thru click track generation. Got clicks on the click track but heard nothing on the recorded track (which I intended to use to determine latency compensation) for 13 seconds. Then instead of the clicks I had hoped to record to fix the latency, the recorded track gave me something that seemed totally off the wall. In the recorded track, I got two clicks on one of the beats in each bar: that is, instead of one big click at the bar and three little click in between |—|—|— etc , I got a 13 second delay on the front end followed by a quick double-clicks with silence in between them: || || || etc. If the clicks in the rhythm track stood for quarter-notes, the double clicks at the third beat or each bar in the recorded track were eight notes.

So, I reset the latency compensation to -13000 ms to no avail and anything I dubbed began with a 13 second delay anyway.

I changed the sound "card " input from SB K3+ to a little Pyle PP10RD and still got the exact same thing.

To ensure the sound “cards” were working, I moved everything back to my Win 10 box where I had previously accepted the default latency comp. Tried the click track procedure to check latency and -130 ms was still fine. Loaded a backing track into Audacity and dubbed it, worked fine.

I’m stumped. What am I missing?

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

Any advice on how to get rid of the -13000 ms latency?

Thanx 1000000

Cleon Valentine

Forget about Audacity…
Make sure the sound cards are set up in windows and working with whatever input and output devices you have else.

Then start Audacity and set to default settings, and see what devices are listed.

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