Can't find .wav I exported

Hi, I am an audio editing newbie, and really appreciate your help. I exported my first Audacity project to both a wp3 and a .wav. I cannot find the .wav file. There is nothing marked .wav. Wouldn’t it automatically have gone into the same folder where my mp3 is? I want to edit, but I’m afraid to do it without having a WAV file as manual advises. I have searched the manual and FAQs.

I think I found the answer to my question. I saved it as an AIFF and that worked. I guess WAV files are just for Windows? Thanks.

I guess WAV files are just for Windows?

No, they’re not. Audacity uses WAV as the default uncompressed file format because they’re managed correctly and open in all three computer platforms.

So you still have something seriously wrong. You are urged strongly to sort this out before your Audacity starts damaging other show files.

Do you have file extensions revealed in Finder Preferences? Start there. What was the exact filename? What happens if you search for it using Spotlight in the upper right of the desktop menu bar? Spotlight should find it if you just type in the main part of the name.

If Spotlight does have a hit, press and hold the Command key for a long time. Spotlight will cycle through everything it knows about the file including its exact location.

Are you using Audacity 2.3.3? Earlier versions of Audacity might try to export work into the Audacity system folders by accident.