Can't Find USB Audio Codec

I installed Audacity for my ITUT-400 USB Record Player. I have Win Vista Home Premium with SP2, and am using Audacity 2.1.1 I got the .exe file.

WITHOUT the turntable plugged in, in device manager there is no USB Audio Codec. When I plug the turntable in it installs the codec and says it’s installed correctly and ready to use. I then open audacity but USB Audio Codec is not there as an option.

Now in Device Manager there is USB Audio Codec but has a yellow ! on it. So I click properties and it says the devices are not installed. So I update the driver and I get “Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device.”

Any ideas what’s next?

I think it’s a little odd having something simple as a phonograph require special software/drivers, but there it is.

If the system won’t load and run the software, it’s possible Vista is not supported. I would go over your product information again very carefully and make sure you know exactly which Windows are acceptable.

I went over the Amazon pages for this product and there are actually more negative ones than positive.

…am very disappointed with this product.
When I play either a 33 or a 45 it be a pitch higher than it should…
…you have to pay the return postage… I was extremely disappointed to say the least.

Did you keep the receipts?


HAHA this thing is a pain no doubt, but I paid $1 for it and may re-sell it. But need about 200 albums ripped first. I went back over and un-installed and re-installed and there’s still no USB Codec. Any other ideas?


I paid $1 for it

Which may have been overpriced.

But need about 200 albums ripped first.

And judging from the comment postings, you have about a 60% chance of succeeding. If you have that many albums, don’t you have a regular turntable there somewhere? You can get a “real” phono preamp and put that between the turntable and the computer and do it that way. No off-speed sound, warbling tones, failures, and digging trenches in the vinyl.

Any other ideas?

Past the one where you look at the documentation to make sure Vista is supported? It should say that in clear words somewhere.