Can't find this free autotune plugin I had 1-3 years ago...

Hello, everyone! So, long story short - my old computer died, and when I got to my new one, I realized I forgot to backup the files for Audacity’s plugins. (Lesson learned, I can tell you.) As a result, I lost this free plugin I used before, and it’s one I can’t seem to find for the life of me. Unfortunately, the name of it escapes me.

It isn’t Gsnap/Gverb, Kerovee/roVee, Graillion, Autotalent, Son of a Pitch, MAutoPitch or any of these. (In general, it likely isn’t something that shows up easily on Google or, believe me, I would have found it.) It had a really simple interface, no fancy GUI or anything of the sort. You could choose from presets - something along the lines of “Male to Female,” “Chorus,” “Robotic,” “Natural” and more. You could adjust how much of an effect you wanted.

Here’s a mock-up I made of it in Photoshop from memory. It’s not exact - I can’t recall how many knobs there were or the shape of them - but it should look something like that. You can choose a preset, you can adjust the power of it among other things. It’s simple-looking.

If memory serves correctly, the plugin didn’t start with the letters A-D or X-Z. It may have been a Japanese-based plugin, but if you think this plugin sounds familiar and it isn’t Japanese, please do run it by me.

In fact, if you know any free plugin/downloadable vst that sounds even remotely like this, please do tell me! I feel like I’m going crazy, looking for this thing. I haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement for it yet, and I need it for a small job I’m doing. Can somebody please help me?

Possibly “AAS Autotune VST”, (it’s not very subtle though: its robotic)