Can't find 'Telephone effect' on Graphics EQ

Hey everyone! I’m a newbie, so please be patient lol. I’m a film student and I need to finish an assignment due wednesday, and I’m having some trouble creating a “telephone voice effect”. I watched a youtube tutorial in which the guy says to go on ‘equalizer’. I found out throught the comments section that ‘equalizer’ is now graphics EQ, and that all I need to do is: go on manage > factory presets > and then select telephone. Except that telephone doesn’t show up on factory presets lol. All that I have is: defaults, bass boost, bass cut, RIAA, Treble Boost and Treble Cut. Any idea what’s wrong? My Audacity’s version is 2.4.2!

“Effect menu > Filter Curve EQ
Then click the
“Manage button > Factory Presets > Telephone”

There is a free Audacity plug-in which is more realistic telephone-effect than the EQ preset …

And if you’re not critical as to the effect quality, you can fudge it with Effect > High Pass Filter: 300Hz, 24dB, and Effect > Low Pass Filter: 2700Hz, 24dB. Those are the actual telephone pitch restrictions in the US.

You can add distortion to taste. Effect > Leveller: Noise Floor 70dB, Fine Adjustment 50, Levelling 3 (1 to 5 as needed).