Can't find option to export as mp3[SOLVED]

I have in the past successfully used Audacity on my old PC to export files as .MP3, but I just downloaded it on my new PC, and there is no option (as in the option does not even exist) in the file menu to export as .Mp3. What can I do?
I also don’t seem to be able to open .MP3 files, as recall having done in the past.
Windows 7
I ‘ran’ the latest version of Audacity to install it.
Audacity 2.0.5

First you will need to download and install the latest recommended LAME version from because 2.0.5 may not accept the LAME version you have now.

2.0.5 supports many more file types, so it would not be possible for each type to have its own menu entry.

In 2.0.5, take your mouse and click on the File Menu top left. Follow the menu down and physically click on the item that says Export… . Then you will find this dialogue where you can choose “MP3 Files”:

After selecting “MP3 Files”, click the “Options…” button bottom right of the export dialogue to choose the MP3 export quality.


Audacity always imports a decompressed copy of the MP3 rather than directly “opening” it, but there should be no problem importing MP3 files. The functionality is built in (does not require extra libraries). If there is a problem, the file is likely not really an MP3.

You can download MediaInfo to examine what format the audio is in (get the version without installer or it may harm your computer): .


I got it, yay :slight_smile:
(I feel silly now)