can't find my files

I had an older version of Audacity–sorry, I don’t know which. I bought a new (used) computer and it looks like the person who transferred my files didn’t transfer Audacity. I installed the latest version of Audacity and hoped it would find my files, but it hasn’t. Is everything lost or is there something to try. Thank you.

If you used Audacity Projects you might be able to search for the individual files.

This is an Audacity Project.

The two have to be in the same location, folder, or directory. They have to be named the same and it has to be the name you gave them inside Audacity. You can’t put the AUP file inside the _DATA folder.

If you remember any of the show names, you should be able to search for them in Windows.

You can make Windows reveal filename extensions and search for any .AUP file. That’s an Audcity Project Manager file. It’s text instructions for how Audacity is supposed to put your show together from all the sound snippets in the _DATA folder.

If the transfer agent didn’t recognize any of them, they would be just miscellaneous trash. Audacity Project files are not “normal” production files.


So it sometimes helps to enable file name extensions in File Explorer. To do this, open File Explorer and select the “View” tab. Near the right of top center, you will see a column of three check boxes. Check the one that says, “File Name Extensions”.

I hope this helps. :smiley: