can't find audacity folder on c drive


I have windows 10, I don’t know how to find the version of audacity I have as I cannot find any files for audacity on my c drive although I use it every week.
I wanted to install a plug in for acx checking but can’t find any folders for audacity except those I have exported to my docs.

Feeling stupid.

Help please,



If you are able to open audacity, but you don’t know where is it installed, do the next:

Right click on Audacity’s direct link (the icon you use to start Audacity)
Open file location
If it is a direct link located in your start menu, you will have to repeat the previous steps once more.
That will take you to de install location.

The ACX Check plug-in is a “Nyquist plug-in”.
Installation instructions are here:

:smiley: :slight_smile: Thank you.
Found the folder in downloads and the plug in is now working.

Thank you for such prompt help.