Cant Find/Add RMS Normalise plug in

RMS Normalization is a little more “dangerous” because it doesn’t warn you about clipping.

Which is why it appears prominently in the middle of Audiobook Mastering. The tools clean up after each other.

Did I mention we publish an audiobooking mastering suite of tools?

"Suite " as in Harmonious Grouping.

Mastering 4 starts with a raw reading and produces a guaranteed match to two out of three ACX specifications and leaves the dog barking next door up to you. Meeting ACX Noise is responsible for most ACX Check failures. ACX -60dB Noise in English means your room noise has to be a thousand times quieter than your voice when you record. That’s hard to do in most houses.

ACX Human Quality Control hates Noise Reduction software.

Home Recording is not for the easily frightened.