Can't export MIDI as other file type

Hi everyone,
I’m very new to Audacity. I recorded a song with my e-piano and opened it in Audacity. Apparently, it’s recorded as a MIDI file. I wanted to upload it on Youtube, but I can’t export it as a MP3 or a WAV data, because the buttons for it are greyed out.
How can I convert the data?

Would be nice, if someone could help. Thank you

Right. Audacity has a few limited very-limited MIDI capabilities but it’s not MIDI application and it doesn’t support virtual instruments so it can’t convert MIDI to audio.

MIDI isn’t music. It’s machine control. To get what you want, you have to open the MIDI programming on a MIDI player and then use Audacity to record the resulting music. Sometimes you can do this with the computer’s internal MIDI player. This is a similar setting you would use to record YouTube music.


Fair warning. Another MIDI oddity is playing a piano song on three different MIDI players and getting three different pianos. I have a MIDI player that lets me play a piano song using a glockenspiel. Or violin.

The MIDI programming just says “play this on whatever piano you can find.” That’s a major reason MIDI “songs” seem to be so compact and tiny. The player is doing all the work.


To add to what Koz said in reply to your question, I found this MIDI player quite recently and I like it: Drumstick MIDI file player

Hope that helps!

Mark B

One thing you CAN do:

You can play the file (with Windows Media Player or whatever you have) and then use Audacity with WASAPI loopback to record while it plays. Then you can export as WAV or MP3, etc.

Or you can do the same thing if you can play “live” through your computer speakers/headphones (ignoring the MIDI).

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