Can't export as MP3

If I open most file types in Audacity, I can save it as any other file type, but if I open a midi file, I can only export it as midi - all the other file formats are greyed out. Is there something I’m missing, or is it just not possible?

I’m creating backing music in ChordPulse, exporting as midi. I then want to import into Audacity and add vocals and other acoustic instruments and save as an mp3. If I add a new audio track (shft+R) and thenexport as mp3, it only exports the track I recorded, not the midi backing track.

Is it because all other file types are converted to Audacity’s internal file format EXCEPT midi, which stays as midi?

Thanks in anticipation.

[Windows 10; Audacity 2.4.2]

MIDI can’t be saved as an audio file because MIDI isn’t audio, it’s a list of commands.

In a word, yes. :smiley:

So, what I suggest is to somehow convert your MIDI file into WAV format. Two obvious choices come to mind:

  1. Use a program to convert MIDI to WAV, eg., search for “convert MIDI to WAV”. Neither Audacity nor ChordPulse will do this for you.


  1. Play the MIDI file in ChordPulse, while simultaneously recording in Audacity. Do NOT record using your microphone. Instead, select stereo mix or speaker/headphone loopback as your input device.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

A word of caution: There are several websites that claim to provide an on-line “MIDI to WAV” or “MIDI to MP3” conversion that are fake or scam sites. Some genuine sites exist, but be cautious.

The way that I would convert a MIDI file to audio would be to play and record in Audacity.
Assuming that you can successfully play the MIDI file in Audacity (I’m told that is easy on Windows), then you need to configure Audacity to Recording audio playing on the computer.