Can't enable Equalization Plugin

I have Catalina (which may be my problem) and Audacity 2.3.3. The Equalization effect plugin is disabled by default. I goto the plugins page and enable it and click ok but it never saves the enable. It doesn’t show in the menu and when I go back the plugins, it is still disabled. Anyone have this problem and how did you fix it?

I’m not perfectly clear what you’re doing, but the old Effect > Equalization now is two different tools.

Effect > Filter Curve
Effect > Graphic Eq

Graphic Eq is the tool with the home music system sliders for each pitch of sound. Up is louder.

Filter Curve displays the pitch tones along the bottom and you can click, pull and draw the correction as a blue-green line.

Effect > Filter Curve > Manage > Factory Presets > Low Rolloff or Speech

For one popular example, is the rumble filter and provisioning tool for audiobook readings.