Cant drag & drop audio files in 3.2.1 on windows 11 [SOLVED]

I am unable to drag and drop mp3 or other audio files into Audacity 3.2.1.
This is on Windows 11 and Audacity is set to “run as admin.” I can browse-locate the file and Import it using Import/Audio menu. I reinstalled and also installed a fresh copy of FFmpeg, but no joy. Can you help?

This is now fixed. I had the executable set to “run as administrator” and removed this property. I now don’t get the popup about allowing the program to change files on the computer that preceded loading and am able to drag and drop audio files as expected. I don’t know why that setting should have made a difference, but it did. Go figure Windows 11. 3.2.1. ran much better in Windows 10. Hopefully this helps someone else.

Thanks for posting back with the solution.