can't download Nyquist plugin "Regular interval labels"

I just found a plugin that does what I wanted much easier than what I worked up, but every time Itry to download it from the Audacity Nyquist downloads page, I get “Page Not Found”. Other downloads from that same page at least bring up the download dialog.

The download was supposed to be at:

What’s wrong??

ps. I did copy the code itself; if I saved that to a file with the .ny extent and copied to proper place (where?), would that run as a plugin, and equally importantly, would it be safe?

Yes, you can copy/paste the code into a text editor. Save the file as a .NY file and put it in Audacity’s Plugins folder. It will show up upon Audacity’s next startup.

It should be safe, in that it won’t corrupt anything, but it might crash Audacity if something funny is going on. In that case just remove the .NY file and it will go away.

Thanks alatham,

I did that & it worked fine.