Can't delete a selected "block" while in Spectrogram view

I’m in Spectrogram view using a logarithmic scale. When I select a portion of the view that contains the audio I would like to remove, I cannot seem to only remove the portion that is selected when I press delete. It removes all audio in the time range that corresponds to my selection, instead of just my selection.

Please see the attached image. In the image, the whole greyed-out area will be deleted instead of just the selected area. Also, if I try to do any notch filtering on the selection, it appears to occur with the whole greyed-out area.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong?

The grayed out area is the selection. What do you think the selection is? What was the goal again?


Need to apply either “spectral edit multi tool”, or “Spectral edit parametric EQ” with negative gain, (rather than delete).

What was the goal again?

Within the greyed out area, or selection, there is a block highlighted that becomes surrounded by a dotted line. It is this block that I want to work with and ultimately delete. I don’t want to delete the whole selection.

Apply “Spectral Edit Shelves” with “gain” set to -24, then repeat the effect (Command + R) 2 or 3 times.

Alternatively, if you require more attenuating at the centre of the frequency band, use “Spectral Edit Multi-Tool” (just once will give virtually complete removal at the centre of the frequency band.

For more info, see: Spectral Selection and Editing - Audacity Manual

Thank you all. I understand how it works now.

I appreciate your help.