Can't copy selection

Hello, I’m brand new to Audacity, pardon for a very basic question.
I have a selection highlighted in my audio file with the start and end times, but I can’t figure out how to copy it. When I try to copy, it says I must make a selection, but I have already selected the piece of audio I want. I can’t find an option to highlight selected audio.
The online manuals make it seem as thought I should be able to copy the selection since it is already selected.

Any help appreciated, thanks

Curious. Perhaps see if you can copy everything with Ctrl+A.

Do you wish to share a screen shot ?

Thanks for the reply! I am able to copy all.
I figured out a workaround by dragging the black cursors, but was trying to use the selection times in the lower panel to make my selection. Using the times made a gray shaded area that I could not figure out how to copy.

Is there a way to copy the selected audio using the Selection times in the lower toolbar? Dragging the black cursors worked but seemed potentially less precise?

You have a time range selected (in the Timeline), but no audio selected.

First, click in the waveform area with the “I-beam” cursor.

Then you can drag out a selection area, or use the controls in the Selection Toolbar.

See: Selecting Audio - Audacity Manual

– Bill

Thanks, Bill! This helps!

I had a slightly different version of the same problem. Two different tracks with segments. I drag-selected a portion of the bottom track.

Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 3.17.56 PM

No power on earth would let me File > Export > Export Selected Audio. I always got more work in my exported file than I selected. I nearly sent the file out, but thought I’d check it oooone more time.

I forced it to work by actually editing the work down to the portion I wanted.

How is that even possible?


I can’t reproduce that problem with Audacity 3.3.3. I replicated your project with a solo’d track with two clips, part of the second clip was selected. “Export Selected” exported exactly the audio I had selected.

It is 3.3.3. OK, so I’m doing something wrong. Time to clean everything out and start over.


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