cant convert to 16bit

hi there people, im super noob about this and anything related to music to be honest so it might be my fault but gonna ask anyway.

im trying to put backing tracks to my boss RC-30 and it can only run 16bit wav files so i converted my m4a and mp3s to wavs but it seem theyve stuck in 32bit floater (or whatever) so i change the track format to 16bit pcm and export it as a 16bit file, audacity doesnt say its failed but RC30 says its not 16bit + whenever i re-open the file it says 32bit floater again. i have no clue how to fix it can anybody help?

Audacity has no Clip INFO, so if you’re used to that in a video editor, that’s life. Audacity works internally at 32-bit Floating, so no matter how the files show up, that’s how Audacity edits them.

File > Export: WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit. That will give you a real file that should open OK in your system. If it doesn’t, then there may be a different problem. Does the system care Mono or Stereo?

You can change the sample rate in the lower left Audacity corner. 44100 is Audio CD standard and the most common. 48000 is the video standard. Most apps and machines don’t care.

You can download MediaInfo to tell you what you have. Download the APP not the installer.


I just assumed you had FFMpeg add-on software installed. You do, right?


i donbt have that software but its ok i fixed my problem with some onlineconverters and it does work now.