Can't control recording level

I cannot figure out how to get recording level to work. I have tried everything, but nothing seems to work.

What are you recording from? …The microphone built-into your computer? A USB microphone or other USB device? …Streaming audio?

Usually you can’t control the recording volume from a digital source and you have to adjust it before it’s digitized.

Is it too loud or too quiet? If it’s a little too quiet that’s OK because you can Amplify after recording. If it’s too loud you are probably clipping (distorting) and lowering the volume later won’t fix the distortion.

Are you using windows…Mic or Linein…???
It is back to most of the problems posted on this forum…Get it working in windows first before worrying about Audacity… especially input devices…Mics and LineIn.
Close Audacity.
Open up windows settings … sound settings…check your devices are identified here and adjust levels etc.
OR you can search box on taskbar “Control Panel” …click it and go to “Sound”… you will get the older type of display pages and more info on enabling and setting default devices. Also if you dont see your device it could be disabled or hidden … click show hidden devices…and if still problems untick box for sound enhancements…you do not want sound enhancements until you get all working and see if you really want it…
When adjusting level make sure it is the input mic or linein level slider not just the speakers slider…both will adjust what you hear but is the input you want to adjust if it is too loud for audacity.

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