Can't burn CD [SOLVED]

Hey guys, we used this program years ago, worked great. Went to do a new project now and I see there are of course upgrades. So downloaded the new 2. version, finished the project, but can’t get it to export in an mp3 format onto a disc. Not sure what steps I am missing, or if there is another patch/download I need. I’m a little rusty with the program too, so I might just be forgetting a step altogether. Thanks for the help.

The current version is 2.1.2 and is available here:
That’s the official Audacity site and the current version is always available via the official website. Other sites may have old or modified 2.x versions that are not supported (and we can’t guarantee that downloads from other sites are safe).

To export as MP3 you need to install LAME. Instructions are here:

“Project” means an audio show or performance?
“onto a disc” means burn an Audio CD?

If you use too many fuzzy words, we have to ask what you really want.

Audacity will not make an MP3 compressed audio file without installing additional software, but that doesn’t make any difference because that’s not a good format to use making an Audio CD.

When you get your performance in shape (under 78 minutes, fewer than 99 songs), File > Export WAV (Microsoft). Open that export in Windows Media and follow the directions to burn an Audio CD.

If, on the other hand, you really did want to make an MP3 file and burn it to a Data CD, then you have to add the Lame software package from the Audacity Windows software site.
Scroll down.


By project I took an audio casette and used the program to make a track. Now I’m trying to texport as a WAV, and keep getting the error :can not export audio to E: track 03.wav Any ideas? I read the tutorial, can’t figure what else im missing, added a stereo track, project rate is at 44100, still at a loss. thanks

If E:\ is the CD drive, that is the problem. Audacity does not burn CD’s directly.

Export as WAV to your hard drive, then use Windows Media Player or iTunes to burn to CD. We have a Tutorial you can read: Tutorial - Burning music files to a CD.


Been so long I couldn’t figure out that remaining part, thanks Gale for the help.