Can't build Audacity with ASIO support

I’ve followed all the instructions, that i found on the Wiki, to the best of my ability. I did almost everything through the CMD’s that are mentioned in those Instructions. I tried debugging it in MSVS 2017
Still each Time i try to debug it (at least) shows the Error C1083 (File (Include) can’t be opened: “wx/setup.h”: No such file or directory) three Times.
I’m trying to debug Audacity 2.3.3 on Win7 (Build 7601).

I’m still very new to building stuff so it is possible i made some mistakes while trying to follow the instructions.
If i didn’t provide enough information just ask.

Check that the “Environment Variable” for WxWidgets is actually set. To make the setting stick, set the variable via advanced system settings (run SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe). Under the advanced tab select the environment variables button and create new variables for wxWidgets.
You may also need to do the same for ASIO.

I’ve already done that and am able to use it.
I’m certain cause i can change to the directories using “cd %ASIOSDK_DIR%” and “cd %WXWIN%”.