Can't access my saved recording and mp3 blank


I have Audacity 2.0.4 and Mac 10.6.8. I made a recording and saved it in a folder in Music. It doesn’t open. I can only access it in Audacity recent files. Then when I export it as an MP3 and play it in itunes it is blank. Please help!


Did you have the blue waves and bouncing red recording meter while you were making the recording?

If you saved an Audacity Project, then that will only open up in Audacity. Audacity Projects are not sound files and Audacity will not save a sound file.

What happens if you open up your MP3 in Audacity?


Yes, I can hear it in Audacity - sound waves going etc. But when I close the file and try to open it again it doesn’t open - except when I go to Recently used files in the File drop down menu in Audacity. It used to work fine with my old version of Audacity. I store the file in Music and it opened up in Audacity. But now with the 2.0.4 version, it’s not opening. And when I make an mp3 from it, there is no sound when I try to play it in itunes. I need it to be able to play in itunes because other people will want to play it on their computers or ipod. The number was set at 128 in options when I made the mp3 which is what I kept.

Is it an AUP or an MP3? If it is an AUP project file you cannot drag it in to Audacity. You must use File > Open or Open Recent.

Same question - what type of file is it?

What exactly happens when you open it? If there is an error, what does the error say?

What happens if you drag that MP3 back into Audacity? Are there blue waves? Can you hear it?


Hi Gale,

The first part of my question related to an AUP file. I’m now opening that successfully. And yes, the MP3 file works when I drag it back into a new Audacity file. But my concern is that I’m not able to hear it when I open it in itunes, which is the whole point of making the file. And the volume is up high. I didn’t have this problem with my old version of Audacity. Please let me know what I can do to solve this problem and why it’s happening.


If you are sure when you drag the MP3 back into Audacity that the blue waves are tall and that you can hear them, then Audacity did its job and the problem lies in iTunes.

Perhaps you need to right-click or control-click over the file in iTunes > Get Info, click the Options tab then use the volume adjustment slider.


Thanks for your help.

Was the iTunes volume adjustment the problem? Or something else?