Canot remove RIGHT channel buzz without losing ALL audio.

I have an interview with buzzing in the background - importing into audacity I se the buzzing is in the right channel. well, I tried singling the channel out, switching tracks to mono, and following the noise reduction instructions found at because well, it works for others.

However, when I get the noise profile and select the entire recording (because the noise is throughout the recording) and then hit preview - it does nothing. As in, it wipes it CLEAN. no audio - anywhere.

can someone help me please?

Audacity installed by exe file
verison 2.1.0
working on Windows 8 laptop (all updates installed)

i’m a bit behind on this proect so any attention would be great. thank you!

Noise reduction is a two step process.
#1 select a portion of the audio which only contains noise , (no voice), then click “Get Noise Profile”.
#2 select the part of the track you want the noise removed from , ( probably all of it ) ,
then apply Noise reduction, ( it will “remember” and use the noise profile you last selected in that Audacity session).

If you mistakenly select the entire track as the noise-profile , noise reduction will just reduce the volume of the entire track.

[ If the buzzing is mains-hum may obtain a better result with de-hum plugins , before using noise-reduction, see … Super 8mm Film Audio Clip - #3 by Trebor ]

I’m going over the forum requests and posts while I await any possible help.

IF I HAVE LEFT ANYTHING OUT, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! especially how to find it… because I need all the help I can get heh.

that said, let’s continue.

I found this post and wish to mention mine seems a bit different.
the microphone I used was single-channel, like a lapel microphone. and as it’s behind locked door at my job - I cannot use it to create a test-clip for everyone. that said - it wouldn’t matter, I don’t have a way to re-record this two hour recording. I know your first thought, but the recording is for work and I don’t know if I can produce a clip for anyone to listen to - I doubt I’ll be able to but I will ask my supervisor.

even if I could, it definitely wouldn’t be in the format requested for the ‘record a clip’ link provided in that topic.

If you can play the clip in Audacity, you can select 5 seconds of it , then choose “Export Selected Audio” to save that 5 second clip in WAV format , which you can attach it to a post in this forum.
''Export selected audio as''.png

The selected audio should include a second or two where no-one is speaking.

the microphone I used was single-channel, like a lapel microphone.

Are you saying the left channel is OK? If so, just delete the right channel and create a mono recording. (A mono file will play through both speakers.)

I’d love to, and yes the left channel is alright. but I’ve found nothing that will allow me to delete the left channel.

also, trebor, as you requested
if you listen to that buzzing, it’s throughout everything.
turn your audio to max, as it’s kind of quiet. I’ve got it in videos, without a song background to help make that buzz be less noticeable… but I’d like to Exterminate it if at all possible.

See here for how to split a stereo track:

Split the stereo track into two mono tracks as described in that article, then click on the [X] in the top left corner of the track that you want to delete.

oh, my, god. THANK YOU STEVE. that got rid of aroud 955 of all white noise.
I’m uploading the remnants now. seems a little bit of humming in the background. the music track WOULD cover it. however I’m hoping to also be able to gt rid of it. shoot for the stars, land on the moon - right?
any suggestions?

Things called “notch filters” can remove the constant background high-pitched tones …

Audacity's 'Nyquist Prompt'' showing the notch filters applied.png

    (setf s (notch2 s 1277 10))
    (setf s (notch2 s 2037 10))
    (setf s (notch2 s 6177 10))
    (setf s (notch2 s 12502 10))

THAN K YOU SO MUCH! this is exactly what I needed!