Cannot use other ffmpeg builds

Windows 11
Audacity 3.4.1 64bit zip file
I followed the instructions from here

I tried both with
ffmpeg-release-full-shared.7z (ver 6)
ffmpeg-5.1.2-full_build-shared.7z (ver 5.1.2)

In Locate ffmpeg after I choose
then click OK, in Preference I still see “FFmpeg library not found”


The recommended FFmpeg is a special customized version to integrate with Audacity.

You can probably use the other version as an external encoder… if you “know what you’re doing”.

…I’d recommend keeping the standard one and installing the other one in a different folder.

this is a work machine, I cannot have not approved software installed on it,
hence the use of portables.

I did a quick installation of
this is not automatically detected by audacity.
If I manually choose
c:\Program Files\FFmpeg For Audacity\avformat-59.dll
audacity does not recognize it.

I think
It may have something to do with the antivirus software I have on this machine.

Check your audacity version again. I think the ZIP versions may have been swapped and you actually downloaded the 32 bit version

Update: The ZIP files are no longer swapped

you’re right, I had audacity 32bit version.

I downloaded
unzip it, it is audacity 64bit version.

It recognize now

Thank you

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