Cannot split out individual tracks from album [SOLVED]

I have downloaded Audacity v2.4.2. I’ve been trying to split out 9 tracks from a small album, into mp3 files. The youtube tutorials tell you to mark the tracks at the silences between them, and each time you click, go to the Tracks button and select ‘Add label at selection’. When you do that a small box is supposed to appear on the ‘Label track’ at bottom.

The trouble is that on my Audacity, Tracks does not have an option ‘Add label at selection’. So I can create a label track (from the Tracks menu), but I cannot add markers and names for individual tracks. So when I say Export, Audacity writes the entire file out as one large mp3 - which is where I started.

What am I doing wrong?

Try Edit > Labels.

BTW, the most recent version of Audacity is 3.1.2. See here:

Or, select/highlight one song at a time then File → Export → Export Selected Audio.

Thank you, Jademan! So that’s where the “Add label at selection” command is in v. 2.4.2. That worked and have now managed to split out the mp3’s.

For info, 2.4.2 is the last version that will install on Windows 7.

Thank you DVDDoug. I’ve just tried that and it worked (although would have been quite slow to do for every track!).

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When playback is stopped, you can use “Ctrl + B”.

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