Cannot set the audio source....

I have a new installation both Win 10, Audacity 2.1.1 and a new hard drive but when I start Audacity it reports that it “Could not find any audio devices… Error: Internal PortAudio error.” I forget if I used the Installer or by download.)

Any pull down menu used to select are blank.

I can use the computer to listen to programs from the Internet and they play to my speakers. I have the same wiring set up as I used on the old computer.


Please see these links:

Windows 10 Audacity Internal PortAudio error or no devices .


Yes, I finally found the audio drivers.
When my second computer updated to Win 10, the drivers were automatically installed and Audacity worked without any adjustment. I guess that Win 10 has been updated at the source and I did not have to install anything.

Mischief managed,…

Probably the computer manufacturer has provided Windows 10 drivers to Microsoft that have passed their WHQL Testing, and so Windows Update updated to those drivers.