Hi and thanks for the opportunity to voice my problem.

I cannot seem to select more than one track in Audacity 2.4.2. All other functions using Windows 10 so far are working OK as far as I can tell.

I use the CTRL key to try to select non-adjacent tracks and the SHIFT key to select more than one adjacent tracks and it will only select one track at a time.

I tested the keyboard with other programs and in Windows explorer and the CTRL and SHift keys are working fine. Uninstalled Audacity and then reinstalled it and it is still doing the same thing Any suggestions?

Many thanks,

Chuck Schoon :stuck_out_tongue:
Durham, NC

Does “Ctrl + A” select all of the tracks?

Yes. But that is not the problem.

I can only select one track or all of them. The CTRL / SHIFT keys are not responding so that I can select 2, or 3, or more tracks either next to one another, or non-adjacent.

I tested the CTRL / SHIFT keys in other programs and they work fine for making selections like in Word or WIndows Explorer files.

The manuals say that using the CTRL key while making selections will enable you to select multiple tracks whether next to one another or not, and the SHIFT key while selecting tracks enables you to select multiple tracks that are all next to one another.

But it demonstrates that Audacity is correctly registering the Ctrl key.

Yes. Are you “Ctrl + clicking” on the “Select” button on the left end of the tracks?