cannot select and delete when editing mp3

Imported a two hour length, single track mp3 recorded with zencastr, but cannot figure out how to delete sections to reduce it for podcasting. Looked at the FAQ’s and User Manual Audacity but after 2 hours had only successfully removed one fifteen minute segment. I highlight (select) a section, then Edit Cut, or Delete, or remove trim; nothing happens. Don’t know how I did it successfully once; cannot replicate.
Audacity 2.3.2, Windows 10 latest version with updates.

…The only thing I can think of is, make sure playback (and recording) are STOPPED (not paused).

How are you doing that? Is the waveform correctly selected as shown on this page: Selecting Audio - Audacity Manual

How are you doing that?
Do you see the selected audio removed? Does it play as expected directly after removing the audio?

It might be that the playback is only paused; not stopped.

I believe I’m left click holding on the timeline above the waveform, then unholding to mark the end of the selection to be deleted. I’ll pay more attention to that tonight and get back to you.

I finally was able to cut or delete a 15 minute section; but then couldn’t replicate to remove another section later in the timeline.


To make a selection, click and drag on the track waveform, not the Timeline above.