Cannot see USB recording device

Been having problems so installed and uninstalled multiple times. I even converted one side of a tape to MP3 but now back to problems… Just uninstalled and reinstalled and now get this box saying: ERROR Error while opening sound device. Please check the recording device settings and the project sample rate. I have not changed any settings since reinstalling other than what it says in the quick start guide for Mac. I will add that i do not see any device(usb)showing up on pc for the usb being plugged in. Thanks in advance for any help.


Just uninstalled and reinstalled

You should know that re-installing Audacity doesn’t reset Audacity.

Close everything. Go > Go To Folder > See attached.

Go there.

Drag the audacity folder to the trash. Close.

The next time you open Audacity, it should welcome you as a fresh, new user. Note this will reset all your preferences and settings across the board. It really is Fresh Start.

You should also know that Audacity checks for hardware and devices when it opens. Anything installed after opening Audacity will be invisible. You can also Transport > Rescan…

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 21.02.29.png

If you need any more help please tell us your version of Audacity and OS X (see the pink panel at the top of the page).