Cannot save project (Audacity 3.3.3) storage full

I have a pc (hp x360 windows 10). I am running my pc with 2 external hard drives. The drive I am saving to is 90% free. My project approximately 30 tracks some guitar, some very minimal samples from my lmms app. When I try to save my daily work I’m getting an error that I don’t have enough storage I am alao receiving pop-ups from my onedrive that it is full. I need to do work, but I cannot save, please help? Thank you.


Don’t do this. Your .aup3 file can be very large and a simple edit such as amplifying the entire project will double the size of your .aup3 project. This is necessary as all of your UNDO information is saved. This can accumulate during the course of a day. I would make it a habit of saving then closing your project every so often to purge these undo buffers.

Also, I would avoid working on any networked drives. You can always copy your .aup3 project to the network drive at the end of the day.

Thank you for your response (I really appreciate the information, I will use this as a giude), please excuse me for not being computer savvy, is onedrive a network drive? If so, could ondrive (being full interfere with me having a successful “saved project” and me receiving an error message saying that I have no more space to save my project, because ondrive is or could be interfering?

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Worse. OneDrive is a Microsoft Internet storage system. Your work could be anywhere on earth.

We recommend, strongly, not to use any drives other than the ones inside your computer for production. Audacity assumes any drives it can see can be used for any of its jobs including the most time-sensitive, critical, easily damaged production.

So do all your work on the internal drives. C:\ D:\ .

Once Audacity is closed, you can move your files wherever you like. Remember to move everything back to your computer before you start up again.

Yes, we’re perfectly clear that companies like to make it appear as though they’re magically adding storage to your computer. What they’re really doing is internet connecting you to a server farm in Schenectady (for example).

It’s not the worst idea to know how to disconnect your network and/or internet connection to prevent problems like this. If you start getting error messages, then you know that something funny is going on.

Stable, built-in drives do not throw connection error messages.


Yes and yes, but possibly not. I have seen this error with no network drive involved.

The last time this happened to me I lost the project. I was thinking that the automatic recovery the next time Audacity started might rescue the project. But no, this failed, too and I lost the project. In my case, I was making a simple, but very long recording on a very small machine.

For your current dilemma, I would say just be very very careful. Export what you can. Backup your .AUP3 project file before starting Audacity up again - at least it may give you another chance. There is a recover procedure for corrupt projects here: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery, although I have never tried to use it for this particular problem.

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