Cannot Save Project - at all, even a blank [SOLVED]


Making the jump to audacity from other sw. Not a newbie, already scoured the forum…

Mac 0s 10.12.6
New Install AUD 2.3.3
New install FFMpeg and Lamel

When I go to save a project, I get this:
"“Save Project” is for an Audacity project, not an audio file.
For an audio file that will open in other apps, use “Export”

To be clear: I am VERY aware how to export sound files, what to do. I am not trying to save an audio file. That is not my question. I am not querying exporting sound files.

I am simply trying to save a new AUD project. “Save As Project” to work on.

No matter whether I create a new blank project. Quit and open a new blank, Or open an existing project - absolutely nothing will save without getting this error message.

Kind thanks for any help!

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 17.51.07.jpg

That’s not an error, just a warning that you are not saving/making a “regular” audio file. If you click “OK” you should be able to proceed an save your project. (But I’ve never tried saving a blank project.)

Empty projects can be saved. This is a useful feature if for some reason you Audacity to write it’s temp data to a non-standard location (if the project has been saved, temp data is written into the project’s “_data” folder).

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I actually figured this out 2 minutes after posting this. “duh” haha

In my own defense, it wasn’t completely apparent, and since there’s several other threads on this - but no answer, I’ll just leave this here for others having a brain fart like me.

I’ll close this as SOLVED so that it is easier for others to find.