Cannot remove vocal from a specific song

Hello. I would just like to know how I will be able to remove the vocal on a song that we badly needed. I was able to remove the vocal from another song but when I try to do it on the song I have to do it, I received an error message, it tells me to use “Make Stereo Track” but I was not able to see the option from “Tracks” drop down.

Please help…

Thank you…

The Vocal removal effect that is included with Audacity does not have that error message. Either you are using some other effect, or you must have misread the error message.

Actually, it does:

Error:Vocal Remover requires an unsplit, stereo track.

If you have a stereo track split into left and right
channels, use 'Make Stereo Track' on the Track
Dropdown Menu, then run Vocal Remover again.

This is the Track Drop-Down Menu you need: .

If Make Stereo Track on the upper track is greyed out, then your track is mono and you cannot remove vocals from it in that way (or in any other way that is likely to be effective).