Cannot reduce line-in level on Mac - causes distortion

I am trying to record my vinyl collection using Audacity. The set up is as follows;
Phono input to Luxman integrated amp LV-110.
Record out to late 2006 2.16 Ghz Intel iMac running OS 10.5.x.
Audacity version 1.3.8

The problem is that the line in level slider on audacity and sound device system preferences panel have no effect whatsoever on the recording level :confused: It is very high, not immediately audibly distorted but does overshoot on the level indicator. Normally I would expect to have complete control of the input level but this is not the case. I reckon I have the same problem when I try the line-in on garageband, its like the minimum gain has defaulted to an abnormally high level.

Can anybody help?


Close Audacity.

Apply a known good working Line level cable to the Line-In connection (circle and two black arrows).

Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input. Select the built-in Line-In. Play some music. The blue patch volume meter should jump and it should change with the volume control.

If it does not, then you may have a Mac hardware problem. Shut the Mac down, pull the power cord, count to ten, plug it back in and start it. Same thing?

Your Mac may โ€œforgetโ€ how to use the sound services.