cannot recover project

I cannot recover a project … that didn’t crash. I was working in audacity when the project “closed” during playback/editing. There was no error message or anything.

When I open audacity again, it asks me if I want to recover the project and I click “recover projects”. After a few seconds, I hear some sort of windows chime and then audacity disappears again with no error message or anything.

If you care to zip up the file and upload it to a public file sharing service e.g., dropbox or google drive, then post (or PM me) a link. I’ll take a look at your project this weekend.

So you will need to provide access…

I was under the impression that anyone holding the link had access but, yes, I just saw the request and approved it. Can you confirm access?

Downloading it now (HJC). Later…


I had no problem loading your project either with 2.4.2 or with 2.3.1. Seeing that you are still on XP?, I saved it in 2.3.1. I am PMing the link to you. Let me know how you make out.

Still, that doesn’t speak to the recovery of the project. Of course, these files still work because they are the last saved copy.

In retrospect, we got sidetracked. Remember, the original problem was involving “Automatic Crash Recovery” and that involves the .autosave file.

So, the file is corrupt somewhere. I see the sections of the file describe each track. Is there a way to somehow separate this file into multiple files in an attempt to recover as much as possible?

Listen, this is not critical and I don’t want anyone to spend more than a few minutes thinking about this. I can always rerecord it. However, if anyone knows of any strategy that might be employed, I would appreciate it.

FWIW: Here is a link to the .autosave file from %APPDATA%.

Have you tried taking your .autosave file and copying it over your .aup file? (I believe you already have backups of both your .aup file and your _data directory).

That might be the most brilliant thing I’ve ever read on this forum. Recovery complete!

I’m glad to hear you’ve got it sorted! :smiley: