cannot record with working interface

For whatever reason I couldn’t add this video as an attachment, but this is the situation I’m currently in:

I used this interface (Tascam US-144) with a friend’s mac+ableton last week and it worked with 0 issues. I have downloaded all drivers and updated all firmware. I have checked the sample rate, this does not seem to be a traditional latency issue. Whenever I try to record through the interface it basically records like 10 seconds of audio within each 1 second of recording space, so it technically DOES record, but at such a strange rate that when you play it back it’s uber fast and incomprehensible. It’s also not a playback issue.

Tascam US-144

This model has been discontinued…

The web page has comments about a software upgrade they made…in 2008.

So the chance of your having up-to date Windows 10 drivers is zero, and you need them because Widows 10 is not a simple Windows upgrade. It’s a new system and needs drivers written for it.

Does Tascam have a user group or forum?