Cannot record system sound anymore

I am generating audio files from Word text files with read aloud function.
This is not working anymore.
I tried MME, Windows direct sound and Windows WASAPI. Microphone input was Microsoft sound mapper and Microphone (Realtec high definition audio)
Only recording with microphone works but it takes all sounds from the room.
I tried it with a Lenovo Think Pad X240 and HP Elitebook 850 G7 Windowsw 10.
Is there some setting wrong?

Choose your soundcard and WASAPI (loopback) to capture whatever is coming OUT of your soundcard.

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Thank you! The word I missed is loopback. Now I found several articles how to do it.
And almost done. Still some noice in recordings even when the mic is muted. If the physical mic is off Audacity gives Error -9996 Invalid Device Error.

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