Cannot record stereo mix if headphones plugged in [SOLVED]

I have a problem where I can record the computer’s audio just fine if it’s playing out of the speakers, but as soon as I plug in headphones the sound disappears and silence is recorded. They are just standard headphones, not USB. Any ideas how to fix this?

Windows 8.1, Audacity 2.0.6, .exe

Stereo Mix on many computers sends the show out to the speaker connection and then turns it around and brings it back in for recording. That’s why it’s a very common complaint that someone can’t change the volume of the speakers without messing up the recording. My first guess is your headphone system interrupts that pathway.


That’s a bit surprising, but there are so many operating system, hardware, and driver variations that there is no solution that works for everybody.

[u]This page[/u] offers several possible solutions. Since you have Windows 8, WASAPI loopback may work.

Total Recorder seems to have a good reputation and it comes with it’s own “virtual driver”, but it’s not free.

Thank you! The WASAPI Option seems to work.