Cannot record sound on Mac

Hey guys.

After I installed the new version of Audacity my Macbook does not want to record sound from my laptop in Audacity. It just closes the software. It’s pretty frustrating. Does anyone have the same problem?


Open Audacity, then try Tools (menu) > Reset Configuration.

I have a MacBook Air running Ventura 13.41, and I also have started having this issue, but I’m not sure it’s after a new version of Audacity, but rather the last OS update from Apple.
Do you mean you’re recording system sound you’d normally be directly hearing? Like with either Soundflower or iShowU Audio Capture?

What’s been happening to me is that Audacity crashes as soon as I try to hit the “Save Project As” menu option, and when I try to restart Audacity, I get the notification that there may be saved work in recovery. So then I try to opt to open it, but then there’s nothing there at all.

Addendum: this tends to happen with projects longer then, ~ 10-15 min.

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