Cannot Record On Any Device On Audacity

My Audacity is not recording anything. I tried rescan audio devices, did not work. It doesn’t record from my macbook mic or my shure mic. There is no blue waveform at all after I hit the record button, just a horizontal blue line that just keeps going. Nothing is on mute. I restarted my computer with no luck. I deleted audacity and downloaded it again no luck. Same flat blue line whenever I hit the record button. It still doesn’t record any sound. Any help would be appreciated. It does not even record any audio when I switch to Macbook built in mic. To make sure this wasn’t an issue with the latest DMG I downloaded, I downloaded audacity on my brother’s macbook, and it worked on there. I restarted my computer, deleted and redownloaded the app, but no luck. When I delete audacity from my computer, all I do is delete it from the app section. Is there more that should be done to completely get rid of it from my computer before I try to download another dmg of Audacity? Does anyone know why my Audacity is not recording any sound on any device? I even changed the recording level to 100 and still nothing. Playback level was 100 too. Nothing is even being recorded. I am using 3.4.2. I even tried older dmg’s I had to see if they’d work, no luck. Nothing gets recorded at all

Kind of obvious question: do you have any other audio recording software on your computer? If so, does that software record correctly or not? If not, it might be a hardware problem.

Alternatively, can you import/drag/drop existing audio files into Audacity, or not?

I’m sure some other people who use Apple stuff will be here soon with better advice for you; I’m a Windows dude, so know zero about Apple and can only suggest basic troubleshooting steps (see above).

PS: I have no idea what you mean by DMG; can you please enlighten me? I presume you don’t mean Dungeon Master’s Guide in this context. :slight_smile:

Yes I can record audio on other audio recording software on my computer. I just tried with Voice Memos and that captures audio through the macbook built in mic.

I can also import, drag and drop existing audio files into audacity and even edit them. It just doesn’t record from anything right now.

By DMG I meant the file that must be initially downloaded when installing Audacity onto a macOS computer. It’s like a disk image file for macOS and it stands for “Disk iMaGe” according to chatGPT

Thank you for the education on DMGs; that was a new acroynm on me, and I admit I’m Apple-phobic! :blush:

Well, you’ve certainly covered all the obvious things. Hopefully someone with actual Apple knowledge will be along soon to advise further. But FWIW, do you have a choice of drivers on Apple, or is it just “choose a device,” if you see what I mean? The Windows driver for my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, for example, offers a choice of Windows Direct, ditto but exclusive, DirectSound, and ASIO. Or perhaps there’s a mismatch between the sampling rate/buffer size being used in the driver, and the sampling rate/buffer size Audacity is expecting/set up to expect for recording?

Genuinely sorry I can’t help further than those thoughts, and I hope you get it working soon.

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Not sure if I have a choice of drivers on Apple. I’ll have to look into it. Thank you, appreciate it. Will let you know if I can get it working

Does this help: Control access to the microphone on Mac - Apple Support (CA)
In Apple speak, “microphone” means any audio input device.

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