Cannot record internal sound Windows 10

I had been using Audacity successfully, then it stopped recording sounds from computer.
I am new to Forum and not tech savvy like most of you.
Can anyone offer a suggestion?
ERROR opening recording device.
Error code: -9997 Invalid sample rate

Use [u]WASAPI (loopback)[/u]. Make sure to choose the loopback device that’s actually playing the sound, and the sound has to start before you can start recording. (WASAPI can record a silent audio stream but it can’t record when there’s no audio stream.)

Thanks for reply, Doug
I have the following settings that-in the past-have worked fine:
Windows WASAPI/ATS 1080/2 Stereo/ATS 1080
I have soundbar connected with HDMI cable. Is that the “loopback” device you’re referring to?
I have Windows latest version.
Please be patient. I have done everything I can think of and just want my Audacity back. It’s been such a gift. :
My Playback settings.jpg
My Recording settings.jpg
My Audacity settings.jpg

It should say “loopback” in the description for your recording device. I doesn’t completely show-up in your screenshot (too many characters) so I can’t tell, but what I see looks correct.

I’m not sure if every (or any) HDMI device supports loopback recording. (I’ll have to try it on my computer when I get the chance.) You might have to use your built-in soundcard to record internal audio. It might also be blocked if you’re recording from a copy-protected DVD or Blu-Ray.

Hello, Doug
Thanks again.
There is no “Loopback” in the Windows WASAPI box.
I stress that these are the same settings I have been using successfully with Audacity. The same day I recorded two songs from YouTube-successfully, is the day when I stared getting error codes.
I have sent attachment with today’s error code.
Should I uninstall Audacity? and re-install?
Any suggestions (that a non-techie can understand) appreciated.
9-3-2021 error audacity.jpg

There is no “Loopback” in the Windows WASAPI box.

It would be in the next box-over for the Recording Device (the microphone icon).

For example, on my computer the playback device says Speakers (2- High Definition Audio Device) and the recording device says Speakers (2- High Definition Audio Device) (loopback).

But your HDMI might not support it (I think it depends on the drivers) so you might have to use your regular soundcard.

Just joined specifically to say thanks to @DVDdoug for this! I was pulling my hair out this morning trying to work out why I couldn’t record loopback but that did the trick! Off to edit the support page at Recording desktop audio | Audacity Support to flag this!

Dear me, It takes a long time to sort out some of these problems…
For PC internal sound playing on other software apps within PC and being recorded in Audacity… You generally need Sound Mixer enabled in your windows sound settings. and windows 10 or windows 11 settings screens are not goot for setting it.
Go to th “old type” sound settinfg in control panel. Type control panel in search box on task bar and search you will see control panel icon, click it and go to sounds and see your devices all listed. Go to the recording tab and If you dont see sound mixer click to show hidden or disabled. click properties and enable get a green tick as set for default.
Then in Audacity Audio setup Recording device, select sound mixer and set sliders… Keep Transport Options …Enable Audible Input Monitoring OFF to eliminate feedback…
And In Audio settings …probably use Host…Windows Direct sound… instead of waspai